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Now offering Lunch & Dinner Service in our NEW Restaurant area

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The View - our New Restaurant

Oasis Bluff Beach

The Ultimate ‘Off the Grid’ Holiday Experience!

Here at Oasis Bluff Beach we aim to provide a service and standard of accommodation that will pleasantly surprise and will be a little different from other B&Bs you may have experienced. Our rooms are tastefully composed, using local craftsmen to construct the furnishings, doors and windows from local woods that when coupled with the polished wood floors and color palate of our ‘spa like’ bathrooms provide a feeling of tranquility and quality. Locally hand made soaps, shampoo and conditioners from coconuts add to the luxurious touch.


The real hero to the property is the fabulous 90 foot long deck that provides an uninterrupted view of the Caribbean Ocean and Bluff Beach, the views cannot be beaten. Since first opening we have now constructed  a beautiful  New Restaurant where we offer a full Lunch and Dinner service, along with a Bar.


Around the place we have lots of seating and hammocks so you can simply chill and unwind, so no need to feel you ever have to leave if you don’t want to, if you want to be on the beach then we can set up deck chairs right on the beach for you. If around dusk you want to take in the sunset over the Jungle then simply move to the rear deck and kick back & relax . In the  late afternoon we provide a cocktail service where you can relax with your favorite cocktail or try something new from our handcrafted cocktail selection and now serving our own Oasis House Tonic, brewed on-site at Oasis – (the best Tonic in the world we think). It really is a great way to socialize with fellow travelers and perhaps trade experiences of the day or learn about where they came from and their culture.


If you want to catch up with our latest activities follow us on Facebook by clicking HERE If you want to book the whole place for your family/friends gathering or an executive retreat then please contact us so we can understand your exact needs and make sure we accommodate your requirements.