Bocas Del Toro is an archipelago consisting of 9 Islands. The area has plenty to offer any visitor, whether you simply want to chill and relax, want an adrenaline rush, or connect with nature and the region’s wonders.  Below are just a few of the activities available. During your stay, we can help arrange or connect you with the best people to ensure you get the most out of your stay. This will save you time and money, we take care of everything, and you simply pay the tour operator when you show up for the activity.


Bluff Beach offers 3 kilometers of uninterrupted beach to walk along and stay at Oasis; you couldn’t be closer. You can take a stroll on the beach and collect shells and washed-up coral and driftwood, swim in the natural rock pools at one end of the beach, or simply through down your towel and relax and catch some rays, or you might even see Rays in the ocean.


Jungle / Beach Trek

This is a MUST do during your stay; the best part is it’s free!

The walk takes you alongside Bluff Beach, through the jungle, through natural streams that run into the ocean, and then to a natural swimming pool where you can take a dip in the sea or snorkel. During your walk, you should encounter a plethora of wildlife, including many species of birds, Howler Monkeys, Capuchin (white-faced) Monkeys, Sloths, Agouti’s to name but a few so keep your eyes peeled. Ask either of us to talk you through the walk and places of interest. The walk will take you approximately 3.5 hours without stopping, but many people enjoy the tranquillity and nature and spend 4 to 5 hours on the trails.  



eBikes are a great way to get around; on Bluff Beach, these bikes can be hired exclusively at Oasis Bluff Beach using the eBikes enables you to get around the island and even to Boca del Drago to visit Star Fish Beach. The Cost of the eBike rental is $40 per day or $30 for 4 hours 

Turtle Watching

We are blessed to live on a protected Turtle Beach; during the evening, the public is only allowed on the beach with a Turtle Guide. So when they are nesting, it’s great to go off in the evening with the Turtle conservationists and observe the turtle activity as they monitor and tag them. The Leather Back Turtle is the giant Turtle that nests here with an approximate length of 2 meters – it’s pretty magical; we also have Hawksbill Turtles and Green Turtles nesting!

The season for nesting runs from March through to the end of September.

ATV Adventure

Explore the island or take your ATV through the marked trails through the Jungle and allowed places on the beach – Warning …. We live in a Rain Forrest so you may get wet and muddy

The cost of an ATV is $140 for a day rental and $110 for half a day. This includes access to the exclusive Jungle trail. For subsequent days of rental, the cost goes down to just $50 per additional day. If you don’t want to ride the trails, then the first day will only cost you $90

Diving or Snorkeling

The are many diving schools on Bocas where you can get PADI certified, or if you have certification, then you can reserve a one or two-tank dive. On certain days some centers offer nighttime dives for something a little different. Also, if the moon is in the right phase, then you can take nighttime dive to see the Luminescence. If you don’t dive, then some schools off the option of joining the divers and just snorkeling for just $20, including equipment. If you would like to try diving before getting certified, then some centers offer a dive experience. Let us know if you would like details.

Horseback Riding

If ATVs are not your thing, horse riding is available, step out of Oasis right onto your horse for the afternoon, or for early birds, take the morning ride. The ride is for 3 hours through the Jungle and beach – experience nature up close and personal and take a swim in the natural Piscina. The cost of horse-riding is $55pp, and you start right next to our property. There are two times per day

Sea Fishing 

Fancy catching your supper? take one of the many fishing boats out for a private fishing trip – half and full days available. Costs vary depending on group size as you are renting the boat and captain, and it will depend on where you want to fish.

Surfing / Body Boarding

If you are an avid surfer, then Bluff Beach and Paunch is a great place to watch or take part in these sports when the surf is up. Especially in October, November, December, January, February, and March

If you haven’t surfed before and want to try, we can arrange for Surfing Lessons or a complete course to get you started. Just let us know what you need from just renting a board to surf school, and we will take care of the arrangements for you.

Take a Boat Trip

We can connect you with one of our recommended boat captains, and you can either arrange for a private boat where you decide where you go and what you see, such as Dolphins, Coral reefs, starfish beach, Snorkeling, and visit Zapatilla Cays .. you choose how much you want to pack into your day, or you can simply take a trip on a pre-set tour along with other guests.

The cost to join a public boat excursion is around $30. A private boat will cost $160 for the day for up to 4 people.


One of the best ways to see the archipelago is from the water – you can hire a sailboat or join other guests aboard one of the catamarans.

A great tour that includes snorkeling (along with the gear) and a hot lunch will cost $59pp for the whole day. You usually go to two snorkeling sites and either Dolphin bay or Starfish Beach.


There are many Yoga classes in Bocas. We can let you know where and when the nearest ones are.

 Visit a Chocolate Farm

Take a tour of the farm and see how Chocolate is processed, and sample the delights. There are a couple of different tours; one is over on the mainland where you are transported into the mountains and visit the Oreba tribe and their plantation and the other includes gardens too The cost of this is $55 pp. 

Jungle / Forrest Trekking

Although we are right on the beach, we are surrounded by Jungle; the islands are filled with jungles; however, there are few paths.

We can arrange a Poison Dart Frog adventure hike with a biologist for only $30 for 3.5 hours (minimum two people). On this adventure you will see lots of animals and be sure keep your eyes out for 2 toed and 3 toed Sloths, Howler Monkeys, White-throated Capuchin Monkeys, Agouti, Toucan, Oropendolas and Green Parrots to name but a few


If all that’s too much for you – select your Hammock, pick up a good book from our Library and unwind


In addition to The View located at Oasis Bluff Beach, there are several other local restaurants close at hand; we are only 7 kilometers from Bocas town, so you can take the bus or taxi into town and sample the many delights and varying cuisines on offer. We are happy to recommend some great places.